Since 1990 we are focused on customer service.  We offer you the possibility to work with our engineer in order to design and customize the monitor to suit your application,  in terms of mechanic design, input signal, panel features (brightness, viewing angle, operation and storage temperature  range, sun readable with high brightness and or Transflective enhancement, auto dimming control, thermal management),  touch screen technology, anti vandal tempered or laminated sacrificial glass and optical filters, with customized designs  such holes in glass, silk printing areas including logos, curved angles and so on.  The majority of our products are designed  in Europe and engineered and assembled in Asia, where since 1990 we have  our partners in China, Korea and Taiwan, as well than our production lines in Europe or Latin America, and always provide  customer service in Europe and Latin America as well.  Each year our industrial monitors with or without a touch screen are ready to serve to:  411.7 million passenger at the Barcelona's subway network   More than 6.52 million people in Bilbao  Over 600 million people in the Madrid  Over 74 million Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat  Over 32,000 tickets per day in the Mumbai (India ) railway network  Also in Malaga , Palma de Mallorca , Seville , Valencia,  And in Argentina , Belgium, Bolivia , Brazil, Colombia , Chile, Ecuador , Egypt , France, Holland , Mexico, Panama ,  Portugal , Rostov (Russia ), Switzerland, Venezuela ,  Used in: A.T.M. Car Parks,  Banking A.T.M.,  Gaming Machines, , Kiosks, Public Information,  Shop Windows,  Transport  Ticketing Machines, Industrial Machinery, Electro Medical , Queue Management , Bicycle Rental Service ( Bicing ) ..........  Thank you for your trust !!! In partnership with: © Iberhermes 2017 Terms and Conditions  /  Privacy Police