In partnership with: S.C.K. Smart Cooling Kit    Our SCK Smart Fan controller is continuously sensing the temperature and controlling the turning speed. We set up three  temperatures together with the client: Low, medium and high temperature. When medium temperature is exceeded fans  start working and first stage(50%), if temperature keeps increasing and reach maximum temperature fans start working  and second stage(100%). Finally, when sensor measures below the low temperature it stops. The most advantage of S.CK  is to elongate life time of fans and improve reliability of the whole unit.   Available with Dimming Control (More information Click here)  About the panel Iberhermes offers you different options to work in outdoor conditions:  1. Monitors with high brightness TFT panel.   2. Monitors with Transflective TT TFT panel: Transflective TT TFT panels are made in clean rooms using polarized films  between backlight and substrate in front of the TFT.  Most used panels are medium brightness >500cd  More information here  Using this treatment you will get a monitor keeping the original working temperature and the same power consumption.  This treatment can also be integrated on high brightness TFT panels improving their visibility in the worst conditions.   Applications:  ATM – Digital Signage - Gaming - Kiosk – Medical – Military - Parking  - Shop Window – Transport:   Ticketing / Passenger Information Table     Sizes: From 5,7" to 52" (For 5,7”, 6,5”, 8.4”, 10,4", 12,1", 15”, 17” and 19“ we always use Extended Temperature  Range Panels)     Options: Touch Screen and Cooling Kit   Using LED Backlight,  instead of CCFL Backlight, you may have high brightness monitors at the same time that  increases energy efficiency (lower power consumption) and extends the life of the backlight of the screen.   Terms and Conditions  /  Privacy Police © Iberhermes 2018 Terms and Conditions  /  FAQs