In partnership with: OCTOBER 2016 We developed the Smart Cooling Kit X3: Formed by two cooling systems. The first one that cools the back of the monitor: backlight and LED driver. The second consists of a system that absorbs air from the outside by the bottom of the monitor and another that expels hot air from the top of the monitor, this allows to cool all frontal area and thus minimize the impact of temperature increase. This is to avoid that the desired working temperature values are exceeded. SEPTEMBER 2016 Some GSD customers attended to Global Gaming Expo 2016 (G2E) in Las Vegas with our Stretched LCD products. Looking great! JUNE 2016 Succesfull exhibition of our partner GSD at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas. Congratulations! APRIL 2016 It is a pleasure to formally announce the strategic partnership that IBHM  and GSD just signed. As per the agreement, IBHM-IBERHERMES and IBHM LATAM will be the sole exclusive representatives of GSD Stretched Displays for the territories of Europe and Latin America. FEBRUARY 2015 The aim of improving the monitors that work behind outdoor sunlight conditions we have developed the new S.C.K  S.C.K. Smart Cooling Kit:  Our SCK Smart Fan controller is continuously sensing the temperature and controlling the  turning speed. We set up three temperatures together with the client: Low, medium and high temperature. When medium  temperature is exceeded fans start working and first stage(50%), if temperature keeps increasing and reach maximum  temperature fans start working and second stage(100%). Finally, when sensor measures below the low temperature it  stops. The most advantage of S.CK is to elongate life time of fans and improve reliability of the whole unit.   AUGUST 2014 PIR (passive infra-red) sensor Open and Close Frame Monitor for the "object detection". We can provide the hardware  and interface but customer needs to write the AP (application program) for their function. If Monitor is designed with  bezel, PIR can be located upon demand, in this case  please identify where the PIR will be located.  JANUARY 2015 New sizes available in Transparent & Cut Monitors  FEBRUARY 2017 The IBHM/GSD team would like to thank all of you for stopping by our booth. It was a great week at ISE 2017! Check out some of the pictures we took from our booth! See you next year! © Iberhermes 2018 Terms and Conditions  /  FAQs APRIL 2018 A/D Board with Extended Temperature Range JULY 2018 10.1" Panel PC with PCAP Touchscreen, Android Board. Standard brightness (around 350cd). Quad GPU, 2G RAM, 8G, INTERNAL WIFI, 2 COM ports and 1 or 2 USB inputs