Open and Closed Frame Monitors specially designed for portrait and landscape applications... 26" Large Screen series - Download PDF 32" Large Screen series - Donwload PDF 42" Large Screen series - Download PDF 42" Large Screen series with SCK - Download PDF 46" Large Screen series - Download PDF 52" Large Screen series - Download PDF Video: Our Large Screen monitors in Gare du Nord (Paris) Available with High Brightness Smart Cooling Kit (SCK) Passive Infra-red (More information Click here) Dimming Control (More information Click here) ____________________________________________________________________________________ In partnership with: If you cannot find the mechanic design you look for, or if you need a customized bracket among one of the existing  one's, don't hesitate to let us know.  Our mechanic engineer team will work all together with you in order to develop and produce a new one for you.  Iberhermes reserves the right to modify part or the totality of the content of this Web without previous warning.  Iberhermes does not respond of the veracity of the information that appear in this Web which they depend on other  companies, and therefore all the information, are it, only and exclusively, to indicative mood.  © Iberhermes 2018 Terms and Conditions  /  FAQs